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Reviews of Only Say the Word:

"This is an intellectual and spiritual book. It’s emotional and moving. Scott has written quite the book here and I found it to be quite an entertaining and moving story."  -- Diverse Reader

"I was absolutely blown away by this novel...   This novel is very different and deals with some disturbing events, and I couldn’t put it down." -- The Novel Approach

"[A] parable tinged liberally with the fabulous, which contains some very fine, provocatively written passages conveying spiritual insights.... this fast-paced, dialogue-rich novel with its cast of fascinating characters, will, I suspect, appeal to you." -- Bilgrimage

"Sometimes gritty, sometimes breathtakingly moving, this is not a sweet, easy read. This is not a guilty pleasure book. Instead, this smart novel invites and compels us to think and reflect on the paths taken through life and the impact those paths have on our personal faith and our interaction with others." -- MM Book Escape

Reviews of You Are the One:

"The military and the clergy are resounding themes in this haunting, eye-opening compilation of thirteen previously published entries ... engrossing reads that arouse, amuse, enrage and enlighten. The vivid characterization and inescapable familiarity of his subjects indicates Pomfret writes from personal experience, if not his own then certainly from having witnessed such behavior firsthand." -- Edge Media Network

"This is a wonderful collection of works that shift between tales of bitterly disappointing realities of an unfair society and moments of contentment sometimes stolen, sometimes seized. Each entry is compelling with its immediacy and its intimacy." -- JoyfullyJay

"Scott Pomfret really captures the essence of life and the daily struggles with this collection. The shorts are compelling and leave one feeling a bit raw, slightly bitter and a lot sad. Win! At least we feel something!" -- 3 Chicks After Dark

"I am an emotional reader on a regular basis but Pomfret, twisted my guts inside out… thirteen times." -- Oh My Shelves!

"All of them have an almost magical ability to pull me right into the situations the author picked, and quite a few are utterly thought-provoking." -- Rainbow Reviews

The Second Half: A Gay American Football Story

Reviews of The Hunger Man:

​"With seeming effortlessness, he scrambles misery and ironic humor, death, and dreams, hope and despair, desire and repulsion into a luscious literary omelet." -- Divine Magazine

"... a terrible, beautiful saga ... It’s subtle and fierce and tender and heartbreaking and funny, and it truly is written as a literary historical Irish tale – it’s inherently sad, funny, poetically tragic and full of lore and meaning." -- On Top Down Under

"This book was simply brilliant." -- Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words

Reviews of The Second Half:

"... an engaging, inspiring story, rife with tension and emotion." -- Edge Media Network

"A wonderfully compelling romance between two athletes."-- Big Gay Fiction Podcasters

"Read this book! This is an amazing book! And this from someone who can’t even stand the commercials for the Super Bowl anymore, let alone the actual game." -- Joyfully Jay

"The Second Half is a perfect vacation read and – in typical Scott Pomfret fashion – entertains while providing food for thought. With this novel, he’s scored another touchdown."-- MMBookEscape

​"[T]his is an excellent story that doesn’t seem to fit the norm of any formula that I’ve seen. The author has a gift with words, and action, and character development. By the end of the story I almost thought it wasn’t quite finished, but then I realized the ending was perfect, because it pointed out what really mattered in life.  Highly recommended read. Even if you don’t think you like sports, most especially football, this one might change your mind.... Great, moving, heartfelt story, without in any way being overly dramatic. Loved it!" -- Rainbow Gold Reviews

"Peyton and Brady’s romance was very sweet for being illicit and their false starts and break up getting in the way. ... These two together was wonderful and I’d love to see how they handle long term. ....The ending was a sweet happy for now and I do want to see more of Peyton and Brady. I want to see how they handle the future."-- Molly Lolly Reviews

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The Hunger Man
Since My Last Confession: A Gay Catholic Memoir
You Are the One

Only Say the Word